Thursday, January 3, 2008

The very long New Year Meme thing

Inspired by Joy, whose blog I admire and look forward to reading, I am attempting to write this New Year's Meme'.
And it is going to be very long, just so ya know. You might get a neato little gold star sticker if you can actually hang in there and read all the answers, and you might just find out a little more bout me that you did not already know.
Anyway, here goes!

1. What did you do in 2007 that you had never done before?
Started this blog. Seriously bombed an interview.

2.Did you keep last year's resolutions? If not, will you make more this year?
My main goal last year was to finish school, which I did.

3.Did anyone close to you give birth?
No. No one close, although I know several women who had babies.

4.Did anyone close to you die?
Thankfully, no.

5.Did you visit any new countries?
As far as new countries go, no. Last year we did not actually travel anywhere, come to think of it. I was too busy with my last semester of school, then my internship. Before we realized it, fall was upon us and the kids were back in school. The most traveling we did was on the parkway, gazing at the beautiful fall foliage.

6.What do you want in 2008, that you lacked in 2007?
A job. A real home, not this tiny apartment in this housing community. A van. Very materialistic, though it sounds.

7.What dates in 2007 are etched in your memory forever?
August 3rd. My graduation from WCU.

8.What was your biggest achievement of the year?
See number seven.

9. What was your biggest failure of 2007?
That would be second-guessing myself. When it really mattered.

10.What as the best thing I bought in 2007?
That would have to be, hands down, my participation ticket for the 10K in the Charlotte Racefest in April. I plundered my way through but dammit I finished and it felt way too good. On the air was floating the fragrance of spring blossoms, the streets were lined with majestic houses and tall beautiful trees with leaves the palest of new green. And I was with my brother who I must mention is an avid runner. He took the time and patience to stay right there with me, encouraging me when I would have quit for sure if I had been by myself. As I approached the finish line I felt a burst of energy like nothing else I have ever felt before. Suddenly, I could do it. I was the run. It was phenomenal.

11.Whose behavior merited celebration?
The man who ran into the burning building to save his grandma, who was still inside sleeping as the building was ablaze. Courage unparalleled, in my opinion. I am of course, referring to the fire that occurred in the building directly across from mine last July 4th, and the dramatic scene that unfolded in front of my eyes that fateful night.

12.Whose behavior appalled and disgusted you?
My children's father, who failed to see them at all the entire year, marking the second full year of his absence from their lives.
Also, my own behavior from time to time astonished me--I can be very self-absorbed it seems.

13. What song will remind you of 2007?
Well, for me, a music fanatic, this question is impossible to answer with simply one song. I am the kind of music fiend that latches onto a certain song for a period of time, then moves onto another one. I listen to certain types of music depending on my mood. To exercise, I want something slightly aggressive, but not rude or immoral. To unwind, I like older music, some jazz or even eighties music. Bluegrass is a great genre choice for warm summer evenings sitting on the porch drinking sweet tea and relaxing with mouth-watering BBQ only yards away. So, for me, to narrow it down to one song is simply undoable. I did enjoy Natasha Beddingfield's Unwritten quite a lot, though I must admit.

14. What do you wish you had done more of in 2007?
Hugging my children. Playing with my children--immersing myself completely in their world of imagination and endless possibilities.
Stomach crunches.

15. What do you wish you had done less of?
Geez. That is a toughie. Probably yelling at my kids. Looking in the mirror and criticizing. Complaining about things I cannot change.

16. Did you fall in love in 2007?
Also a tough one for me to answer, for reasons I will leave unexplained for now. Feelings are tough things to sort through and understand. Falling in love might mean something entirely different now to me than it did when i was twenty. Or not. I just do not know. And I have made peace with that...for now.

17. What was your favorite TV program?
Can't choose. Survivor. The Closer. One reality. The other crime drama with a southern flair--very entertaining in a slightly addictive kind of way.

18. What was the best book you read?
The Game of Life by Florence Shinn.

19. What would have made your year measurably more satisfying?
Realizing at the beginning of the year instead of the end that our patterns drive our behavior. They make our choices for us until we begin to realize this and take over the controls of our own life.

20. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2007?
Non-existent. I wear what is comfortable. I paint my toenails, but cannot stand to have my fingernails painted. I do not own high heels, pumps, or the like. I have not purchased make-up in 13 years. I am What not To Wear 's nightmare. That ain't seen nothin' yet!

21. What kept you sane?
Evening coffee with my Mother, the wisest woman on earth. And she can cook too.

22. Who do you miss?
Tiffany. My best friend in high school. We lost touch seven years ago and I cannot locate her.

23. Who was the best new person you met?
Well, with that question, I realize that I did not get out much at all last year. The best person I met was the Social Worker who let me shadow her all summer in the Investigations unit at the county DSS where I did 280 hours of internship for class credit before graduation. She was so unbelievably patient, allowing my blunders and not making me feel bad or stupid, or that I should already know it. She gave me errands to run that taught me something, she helped fill my time there each day with constructive activity, she always let me ride along on home visits and appointments so I could get some field training. She taught me how to run the copier-printer-fax-do-everything-except-make-coffee machine.
All of this was done, I might add, of her own volition. My supervisor was the equivalent of a wet mop ~ having no itinerary for me, no agenda at all. I think I saw her three times all summer.

24. Tell us a valuable lesson you learned.
Easy. Do not trust jobs that come through Career builder, even though their website may appear authentic and real. Even though they have real contact addresses. Even though they say that they have read and reviewed your resume'. No, seriously, the moral of the story is that things are not always as they appear, and if it sounds too good to be true, then it is usually. Valuable lesson learned. Yep, got that one loud and clear people.

25. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.

This is from Kenny Rogers song The Greatest.
(verse three) boy has already thrown the ball up and tried to bat many times, missing each and every one.
Adjusts his hat, tries again.
Ball goes up
Moon so bright
swings his bat with all his might
the world is still as still can be
the baseball falls and that's strike three

now it is supper time and his mama calls
boys starts home with his bat and ball
says "I am the greatest, that is a fact
but even I didn't know
I could pitch like that"

says "I am the greatest
that is understood
but even I didn't know
I could pitch that good."

I think that song is so representative of how we can choose to look at things. The little boy chose to walk home a champion, not a loser, in the way he interpreted the situation. That is how I plan to look at 2008. With hope, enjoyment and the desire to achieve.


slouching mom said...

You're so thoughtful. And upbeat. I love both those things about you!

Family Adventure said...

Great meme! You definitely have a good head on your shoulders...I too should hug my children more and yell at them less.

And I wish for you this year to find a good, safe job, a nice place to live for you and your kids and a van. And love.

Hugs to you! Heidi

Anonymous said...

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Omaha Mama said...

Happy New Year!
Congratulations on graduating - that was definitely a high point for me in '06 (among others). And running a 10K! Oh my goodness! You had a big year. I'm sorry for the pain caused by your children's father and hope that whatever can be done for your family to be at peace with him will happen in '08. Great post!

Anonymous said...

"15. What do you wish you had done less of?
Geez. That is a toughie. Probably yelling at my kids. Looking in the mirror and criticizing. Complaining about things I cannot change."
-- I should also STOP or lessen doing all these.

You are such a beautiful person Heather, inside and out. I am so thankful to have known you.

Kellan said...

I love #21! ANd ... congratulations on your graduation! I hope you have a great New Year! Take care. Kellan

Amy Y said...

All in all, it sounds like you had a pretty good year. Lots of things to be proud of, despite the normal (kids) like the run and the degree.

*waiting patiently for my gold star* :)

InTheFastLane said...

I enjoyed reading this and learning more about you. I paint my toenails and never my fingernails as well, I also LOVE gold stars :)

niobe said...

It's funny -- I was thinking of that same Kenny Rogers song as I sat in my car this afternoon.

I have to say that I'm also appalled by the actions of your children's father. I realize it happens all too often, but it is still just incomprehensible to me.

Wishing you a wonderful 2008!

painted maypole said...

more stomach crunches! ha ha! (me too!)

ewe are here said...

Wonderful meme!

blooming desertpea said...

Interesting meme!

"I wear what is comfortable. I paint my toenails, but cannot stand to have my fingernails painted. I do not own high heels, pumps, or the like."
This I share with you. :)