Saturday, May 3, 2008

Boys and baseball just go together

Max has been playing baseball this spring. His first time ever playing any kind of sport. Despite my convictions and feelings against organized sports for kids so young, I allowed him to sign up and play a season so we could just try it out.
The field, the dirt, the cheering of all the excited parents, the smack! of the bat on a ball, it is all very contagious! We have been having a fabulous time - grime and all!


InTheFastLane said...

My sons love baseball. I say, that as long as he is having fun, go for it.

Amy Y said...

Glad you are all having a good time! :) We don't have organized sports up where I am... at least none that I can find. This looks like so much fun!

I think as long as it's all in good fun and doesn't get all crazy competitive, it's good for the kiddos!

painted maypole said...

glad you are enjoying it and not just enduring it :)

Family Adventure said...

Enjoy it! The kids, the atmosphere, the whole thing. Soak it in... :)


blooming desertpea said...

It's good for the social skill training more than for the sport, I find and therefore I say, go for it, as long as it fits the jobdescription - ;)