Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sweeping and scrubbing

Literally and figuratively.

Monday I started a new job as an independent contractor for a residential cleaning service. This particular service uses natural cleaning products only (mixed exclusively by their own private chemist) and essential oils such as lavender, spearmint and peppermint for aromatherapy. It is damn hard work, very physical of course, but right now for me this is exactly what is called for. I welcome the experience.

For the past few months, as some of you who read my blog already know, I have been walking a journey of personal reflection and discovery. Since reading the book A New Earth, I have literally changed the way I look at my life, moment by moment. Sometimes I catch myself going into my stories and I notice the mind chatter, but just the mere act of paying attention rises the awareness to a new level.

Anyway, I started this new job on Monday and I find it extremely fitting that I am cleaning. As I clean inwardly, I clean outwardly. It represents where I am in my personal development and it is fascinating to me to watch the evolution. It fits no scenario that I would have ever drawn up for myself, but I welcome the eagerness I find myself experiencing. Since relinquishing the control over my life, the pure happiness I feel is addictive. Almost gleeful from time to time. I know, strange.

The job itself is very physical, but it is kind of like being paid to work out for six - eight hours straight. The aromas from the essential oils is lovely, smells like being in a spa and is very relaxing. The products are all natural and safe for the environment so there is no worry of chemical burning or inhaling harsh substances. I have no idea how long I will be working this job, but I hope to continue on this path and I can't wait to find out what is next for me.

Thanks to you who always drop by and take the time to read my blunderings! I promise, the next post will be an update on my kids and what we are up to this summer.


Family Adventure said...

As I clean inwardly, I clean outwardly.

How perfectly put! Thank you for sharing your journey with us online. I love dropping in and seeing what's new with you :)


Amy Y said...

I'm happy for you, for this next chapter in your life. Clean away, Mama! I can't wait to watch you come out on the other side...

slouching mom said...

I'm happy that you're happy!

painted maypole said...

glad to hear that the job is good for you