Thursday, November 13, 2008

They are following me and calling me Mommy

Ain't I lucky?!
Though the colors are fading rapidly, our hike through the beautiful forests of the Blue Ridge Parkway was absolutely awesome. The weather couldn't have been nicer. The kids were out of school for Veteran's Day so off we went. The quest for the prettiest fallen leaf got going along with lots of good-natured leaf-throwing and piggy-back rides. I love these times with my kids - away from the house and all of its distractions. ( I had my cell on me though, but only in case we saw a bear. Don't ask me how that would help, but it made me feel better...;)
After our hike we hit our favorite park and had it all to ourselves!
A fun time had by all.


Amy Y said...

What a perfect hike!
My kids weren't out for Veteran's Day (which is good because I had to work anyway!). Looks like you guys had fun!

painted maypole said...


Dana said...

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ZEROCOOL said...

The joy is reflected in the faces of the kids and I simply loved the color of fall, though I have never seen one in real life, having lived in the tropics all my life.