Thursday, November 13, 2008

They are following me and calling me Mommy

Ain't I lucky?!
Though the colors are fading rapidly, our hike through the beautiful forests of the Blue Ridge Parkway was absolutely awesome. The weather couldn't have been nicer. The kids were out of school for Veteran's Day so off we went. The quest for the prettiest fallen leaf got going along with lots of good-natured leaf-throwing and piggy-back rides. I love these times with my kids - away from the house and all of its distractions. ( I had my cell on me though, but only in case we saw a bear. Don't ask me how that would help, but it made me feel better...;)
After our hike we hit our favorite park and had it all to ourselves!
A fun time had by all.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The 'Rock'

The scene: a noisy dinner table.
Children chattering, all trying to be heard above the next.
Spoons clattering on mismatched soup dishes.
The squeak of the wipe-off board marker. What? you may ask. How odd. A wipe-off marker? Where does that fit in?

Dinner time is a time of talking about what has gone on for each family member during the day, a time to come together and share, but a couple years ago we also started playing educational games while we are eating. It helps cultivate team effort, assists in learning even after the school day is long over, and it is just plain fun.
So, tonight, as my Jacob was drawing ever so carefully the lines for his word on the Star Wars wipe-off board, it happened.
Jacob gave us the theme (person, place, thing). We had been talking a bit about Obama, and all the good changes he is going to make for our country, so i guessed 'president'. Before he could fill in the letters (I was right) Serenity burst out with a loud and gleeful "Rock-O-Bama"! Followed by fits of laughter and soup hurriedly swallowed so as not to spew all over fellow dinner mates, we all said in unison: What?
To which she even more happily cried, "You know Mommy, "Rock-O-Bama"!
Being only three, obviously her pronunciation is a bit off, but even at the tender age of three she has picked up on all the excitement and even the name of our new president-elect.
That's right Baby.
Spot on.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America, you did it

President Barack Obama.
The name rolls easily.
As have his speeches and his smooth way of being with the people.

Change is inevitable, it is here already with unprecedented voting turnout with last night's election and the fact that we have elected the first African-American to office.

Who would have thought, on September 11, 2001, as we watched our friends and family, fellow citizens fight for their lives as those planes invaded our space and sucker-punched our country, that we would, 7 years later, elect a man into our highest political office who has biological heritage to the very members of society who formulated and executed the attack?

I am not a racist by any stretch of the imagination, I just find it ironic.

My state, the state of NC, is still tied at 7:30 this morning. Though, not due to Asheville voters, I am certain. Every car within 30 miles of this mountain city has for the last year sported Obama stickers of every make and color.
I crave something different for our country, but close to the end of this race, I began to question whether Obama actually has our best interests at heart. Is government control in huge areas such as health care and education really a good idea in the long run? Isn't it a bit Socialistic? No doubts that Obama will have to raise taxes to make those changes he has been raving about, it will have to happen. Are we sacrificing our freedoms, rights, and what makes us Americans by wanting a government health care program and other huge plans he has for our country? Once those freedoms are infringed upon, and the hand of control is resting within each of our lives, it is almost impossible to reverse it.
Barack's oratory has been to say the least, captivating. Sleeves rolled up, identifying with the working man/woman. Inciting feelings of patriotism to the core of Americans. His stance on war gained him millions of supporters. But have we paid close attention to the rest of what Obama has been saying and read between the lines? Studied the economic plans? Or are we guilty of leaping, then looking?

I don't know...I am happy that McCain isn't in office, but to tell you the truth, I am a bit anxious about what comes now. Total control by any party isn't necessarily a great thing, and that is where our nation sits for the next four years.

Guess we will wait and see...