Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hangin' by a Moment

Ever spend any time contemplating a moment?
What does something as innocent as a mere moment entail, connote, mean?

Moments drive the ever-encroaching shoreline of our lives.
We age, moment by moment, leaving behind youth, growing toward life's final epic moment.
When I was a kid - and yep, I was a weird kid - I used to sit and tell myself, "you are younger this minute...than now". Etc. For clusters of minutes, driven by an introverted perspective on life, I played these strange games with myself in my mind. I thought a lot; I didn't speak much. It just was.

In a moment, do you pause before running toward the ocean's foamy waves? Or, do you walk hesitantly, feeling the water creep over your toes and inch its way up your ankles, then retreat in a flurry, only to be repeated in a second or two.

What puts you at ease in a moment of panic?
We all relish, of course, those peaceful moments, the kind perfect for reflecting and 'smelling the roses'. Noticing the happenings in one's hum drum existence that are often overlooked in the course of the hurried moments every normal day brings with it, without our expressed permission. It just is.

What can a moment contain? What can be done in sixty seconds - if we are defining a moment as equal to a minute, which for the sake of this conversation, let's play it that way.
A moment can carry within it, say, the answer to a test question, a parent's unsolicited advice, a birth, a death, an epiphany, an orgasm, etc. There are activities that require clusters of moments, such as driving to work, or getting a haircut. Moments can be monotonous and indistinguishable, falling in behind each other like ants working toward a common goal of completion. Or moments can be life-altering. Everything changes in the blink of an eye kind of moments.
Sometimes moments can be wishy-washy and noncommittal.

Something as seemingly inconspicuous as a mere moment.
Crafty little buggers - those moments.


painted maypole said...

well said! (those buggers ARE crafty, and slippery to boot!)

ZEROCOOL said...

Have not been into blogspot for ages and yes it makes me think back, reflect and ponder on those moments. It is not that I do not know, but there are times we take things for granted. A profound point and very well said. Thank you.