Sunday, April 20, 2008

Moonlight Dancers

The Moon is full and bright, predictable and comforting.

The darkness shifts, a new energy is rising.

A dance is beginning, one with which she familiar, and one she is stranger to.

At this time, ground rules are of utmost importance. A heart must have a voice now.
What each partner learns about the other is paramount, during the moonlight dance.
It will set the tone for what lies ahead. Either the movement will be uninterrupted and fluid,like a mountain spring in late summer, reflecting two people who are in tune with one another. On the contrary, if the partners are not fully present with one another, focusing intentions and thoughts elsewhere but the methodical movement of the rehearsed progression, it will appear and feel choppy and broken ~ out of sync.

He is confident. Feels over-deserving of her cooperation. He thinks he knows her. Can anticipate her moves, her feelings, her talents, her weaknesses. Reminds her of the times she has fallen, with a fleetingly backhanded compliment. She is shy. She has an idea about him, but isn't sure what drives his soul. She doesn't want to lose her power, her control. Can she trust him to lead?

The music starts.

The dance is just beginning.

His hands aren't gentle, they move too quickly, too roughly, not establishing trust, but rushed gratification. She feels like a little girl again, unable to find her voice. She loses concentration, can no longer hear the music, can't find her dancing feet. She stumbles.

The dance comes to a halt. The music stops.

The moon shines on, with it's glorious brightness, unaware of the dance, unaware of the power it's mere presence unleashes.


Kellan said...

This was simply beautiful - poetically beautiful!!! Thank you - Kellan

painted maypole said...

hmmm... interesting...

Family Adventure said...

I'm with Maypole here...very interesting...what are you telling us? Best of luck!


Christine said...

this was haunting. . .what poetry you have in your heart!