Monday, April 7, 2008


I am sorry I haven't updated before now, but here is the situation. I don't really have any news concerning the little boy that was missing last weekend.

Although we never officially heard, which is EXTREMELY frustrating, we think they must have found him. We have chosen to arrive at this conclusion because the rescue/search efforts simply halted. As of last Monday, there were no longer search parties or resuce personnel anywhere around, so we are taking that as a good sign.

However, I have waited all week with a very uneasy feeling in my gut, because I haven't seen the little boy playing anywhere either. Usually, he is always outside wandering around, looking for someone to play with. And, in case you are going to assume that his mother has stepped up to the plate and decided to actually parent her son, protect him, and establish boundaries for playing, let me assure you that is and never will be the case. She cannot be bothered.

So there are no signs of him at all. It is like he simply vanished into thin air. I drove by his building the other evening, and it was all dark in his apartment. But, at the same time, there has been no media coverage of the entire incident (which means little to me, I trust nothing the media says anyway).

So, we wait. And hope. And wonder..if we will ever see our little friend again, or if he has become yet another sad statistic, lost forever.


Family Adventure said...

I've been wondering...I hope he is OK.


painted maypole said...

oof. i did a google search last night (with what little info i have on your locale and the situation) and was surprised to find nothing. no amber alert, no news stories, nothing. so strange.

Amy Y said...

This is so strange!!
I hope you find answers soon...