Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's a Gas thing.

Asheville, and the Western North Carolina region is apparently suffering form a shortage of Gas. As in gasoline. For cars. Which cannot run without it. This I pondered as I sat in LINE for ONE HOUR and 15 minutes today, one block from the station...why, how, when...

Is it like 1942 or something? Did I fall into a time warp? Of course, the gas prices aren't .40 cents per gallon, more like $4.00+ so I feel sure that I am in the correct century, but GEE-ee-ee-eeZ.

The Mayor (who, by the way, cannot form words without stumbling and tripping all over herself) said "normalcy will return to the area in 5-10 days". EXCUSE ME? Somehow I don't feel reassured. She offered no explanation for the shortage, asked people to stop driving across town to fill up or 'top off', and reminded the community to pull together.
Don't drive across town? Well, when there are only FIVE gas stations in the city with gas, we are all scramblin'! (bet she doesn't have to wait in line...)

But seriously, every a.m. the radio stations begin announcing which stations have gas, and for what price. Lines have formed by 6:30 into the streets, backed up and causing major clusterf*cks everywhere. There have been fist-fights, wrecks, and all-out brawls in the name of filling up your car with gasoline.

Signing off with REM's words..."it's the end of the world as we know it...."


Omaha Mama said...

I hope that normalcy really does return soon, that is frightening!

Amy Y said...

That's so crazy! I hadn't heard about gas shortages anywhere... You should move to Denver ~ we seem to have plenty here and it's down to under $3.50 per gallon. Weird.

painted maypole said...

it's so bizarre, i can't figure out why some places have gas shortages but most don't

RealAge22 said...

I blame Obama.