Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Thinking Chair

I can see her.
She knows it, but wants to make sure.
Entirely sure. Every two seconds.

She peers around the corner, ever so slowly...
"Journey. Sit up straight" I say.
She obeys. For 10 seconds.

She peers around the corner again. Almost without even moving.
"Journey" I say sternly. "I said sit there for your five minutes".

I hear her sit back, defiantly, somewhat defeated, but not completely. Never completely.
I watch. Without watching.

One minute passes, legs begin swinging, humming commences.
"Journey" I say. "You must be quiet while you are sitting".

A total of three minutes have passed now, since the girl had to go to the thinking chair. Eternity.

She peers around the corner at me with big eyes. She knows the rules. Yet, still I see the flicker of playfulness on her lips. She isn't suffering yet.
"Journey" I say, trying to sound angry, hiding my mouth as it smiles.

She sighs, loudly, dramatically, and settles back for her few more minutes of torture.

I watch.
Eyes peer, once again around the corner, to see if I am watching her sit like a big girl, all nice and quiet-like. 'Cause there is nothing harder in the world for chirpy, giggly girls than to have to sit still AND quietly for five minutes.
"Come here Journey" I say, and she runs to me, glad once again for her freedom. I give her a hug and off she runs to frolic.


Family Adventure said...

You described that perfectly. I could totally see her :)


InTheFastLane said...

Hee! Our thinking chair always seems more like a torture chair.

painted maypole said...

sweet, and excellently done.

Amy Y said...

I love that you call it a "thinking chair"... We have the "naughty step" which we got from Super Nanny... but it sure doesn't sound as good!

mitzh said...

aww, that was sweet and so adorable at the same time.

Family Adventure said...

Hey, thanks for your comment on ma blog today. My hat is totally off to you. More than ever. It's the mornings that get to me...the kids Just.Won't.Listen. Argh!

Heidi :)

PS: And I heart Pink. All her songs. Just the right amount of aggression, thankyouverymuch.

Victoria said...

Aw - what a little glimpse into her spirit! We have the Naughty Chair - my FIL made each of the kids little wooden chairs. They each have a Naughty Bear sitting in them. I think you need company from a stuffed animal when you're in time-out. =)

Kellan said...

I loved this and I too could totally see her - this was such a pleasure to read. I love little girls and all their mischief! Take care. Kellan

niobe said...

Such a vivid description -- both of the scene and of Journey herself.

Christine said...

oh i loved this little glimpse of journey and her "thinking chair!"

Running on empty

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was the PERFECT description of a time-out.

Emily R

Aliki2006 said...

I'm somewhat envious of naughty chairs and naughty steps. Neither of these have worked with our kids, although sometimes T. asks to go sit on the naughty step, as if it's some type of treat.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Awwww, this made me smile.

Times have changed. When I was little, it was called Sitting-in-the-Corner.

I didn't have a time-out chair for my own kids, but if I had thought of calling it the Thinking Chair, I would have.