Sunday, July 8, 2007


Today is the day.
I need to organize my pictures!
They lay everywhere, piled up just calling my name to organize and focus the energy on putting them into the appropriate scrapbooks and albums. This is a task that, although it does not sound that way, I truly enjoy.
However, at this point it is daunting because I have been in class for the last three years and haven't had the time to devote to such pasttimes.

To compound the monstrocity of the assignment ahead of me, for Christmas this past year I received a digital camera from my coworkers. Mind you, I enjoyed taking pictures before, but grew weary of always trying to make sure I had film and batteries for the camera, or for backup I always had a disposable camera on hand. Not to mention taking the film to be developed. Since I came into possession of my beloved digicam, I have been relentless about photographing anything and anyone that will let me practice--especially my poor children! (My goal is to one day have a side business taking pictures of family outings/activities/functions that people want to remember but don't want the hassle of taking the pictures themselves)
I have hundreds of photos now that are logged here and there, shutterbug online albums that need to be sorted through and hard copies obtained. It makes me weary just thinking of it.

I adore photography and the result of putting these albums/books together. At one time, I organized journals with pictures and antidotes for my son's preschool class of 18 as graduation gifts. This was incredibly time-consuming project that went on over the course of a whole year, with entries for each child at least twice per week, but I loved the finished product and I think the families will appreciate being able to look back on those days. My son Max has a keepsake album that his daycare teachers compiled for him through the years that is about six inches thick. It includes artwork, pictures through the years, different things he said that were cute or funny, records of milestones he reached and the age he was at the time.

Anyway, I am setting the goal for today to at least sort the pictures and arrange them into piles alongside the album they will be placed into. We shall see...

Edited to add: I did not get through all my pictures today. My 22 month old had other plans. Maybe next weekend!


slouching mom said...

I gave up on scrapbooks long ago. But what I still do try to be faithful about is getting pictures into albums.

My mother ended up with very few photos of her children's childhood, and what photos she kept were placed in a box, undated, haphazard, and bent or torn.

It always made me sad to see them. I want my boys to enjoy the mementos of their childhoods, not be saddened by them.

painted maypole said...

Those memories are so important, to us AND our kids. I was recently looking through my parents old albums, which was great fun, but I wished they had been better labeled with dates, places and names. Your work is worthwhile! Enjoy!

blooming desertpea said...

I like photography and I have been quite good at keeping mine and the kid's albums up to date. I always do this between Christmas and New Year as a quite time activity.
I got far behind the day I received a digital camara. I find that it takes so much time editing them and that's what makes me procrastinate the job ...