Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Peaceful Warrior"

Last night I watched a truly exceptional movie that is still provoking thought and wonderment in my mind today. It is called Peaceful Warrior (2007 DVD).

The fact that it has moved me is not based solely on the content itself, but on the fact that it is a true story. It is Dan Millman's true story, he is the author of a couple of books--Way of the Warrior, and The Life You Were Born to Live. A phenomenal story to be certain. I recommend checking the movie out if you are curious as to what your purpose is, or even if you aren't because it is just that good.

How attached are you to your story? Who are you without it? What are you if not ruled by emotion? Can you be in the moment, in the HERE and NOW? What exactly does that mean? How do we release ourselves from the thoughts that rule us and drive our actions? Is it truly possible to love unconditionally those that need it the most?

These questions I ask myself today as I peruse Dan's book, The Life... and ponder different parts of his story.

"there is never nothing going on"
Just sit with that for a moment. How much do we really notice going on in the world outside of our own thoughts and stories?


slouching mom said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I'll look into it.

Omaha Mama said...

Interesting. I love when something inspires me. I could use a little inspiration right about now. So thanks.

Amy York said...

Wow that stuff is deep... I don't even know if I have time to sit and contemplate the tough questions like that!!!

painted maypole said...

OK... your questions have sold me on it... must find the movie!

Jen M. said...

That's probably my biggest struggle - being in the here and now.

Thanks for the movie tip!

niobe said...

I've never really been able to understand what it means to be in the here and now. That's probably why I can't manage to experience it.

thirtysomething said...

niobe--this is a challenge for me as well. I haven't yet been able to block out all exeperiences in each moment except that of the moment. But this movie is a must-see, it truly explains things in a real way.

Christine said...

i've never heard of it. . .but i am so intrigued! thanks for the recommendation.

RealAge22 said...


I actually watched it about 2 weeks ago. Did I mention it to you? Can't remember.. Perhaps you found it on your own without my supreme guidance unto all things worthy? Gaaasp! Just kidding, sis, settle down already.

I wasn't really sure what to think of this movie. I tried with all my might to see past the really, really bad script, acting, and cinematography and tried to focus on the themes of the movie, which I admit were quite inspirational, if perhaps criminally underdeveloped. I guess I kinda felt like the ideas were heading in the right direction, but never really got there. Kinda like a hurdler that keeps stumbling over every hurdle and then eventually just gives up (you knew a running analogy was coming, so just shut it).
Also, the whole "live in the present moment" trend thing is wearing a little thin for me. Live in the now. I get it already, and I can't say that anyone has really said better than Wayne Campbell (and with him as always was Garth Algar).