Monday, October 29, 2007

Thank You Virtually Much

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for spending a moment on my blog to read my story in the previous post and taking the time to leave words of encouragement and advice. It truly did brighten my dark time to know that there are folks out there that care. And a special thank you to Slouching Mom, who sent people my way to read and pass it on.

I am frantically searching for some kind of work that I can do from home, that is legitimate of course, to hold us over for a little while until I can find a permanent job and a new daycare for my girls that I trust. That is the long-term hang-up right now -- I can't snap my fingers and enroll them in a new daycare, because the decent ones are always full and have long waiting lists, and without daycare, I can't work -- viscious circle, but one we will overcome eventually. So, if anyone has any ideas in the area of jobs from home, it would be extremely helpful right now.
Thanks to some of the commenters on my post, I checked into NC and filled out a couple of apps for work from home jobs like transcription and customer service calls, which also led me to other web sites that offer the same type of office work from home. I figure, as long as it isn't attached to my bank account in any way or asking me to pay for the job, it might be ok. Who knows? Just doing all I can do and keeping my fingers crossed at the same time that something will follow through.


Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Please keep us posted. My fingers are crossed for you and your family! Something good will come of this--it HAS to.

slouching mom said...

I was so impressed by some of the advice you received in the last set of comments. I am holding you in my thoughts. And of course -- let us know how things go over the next couple of days, okay?

Christine said...

something will come through. i just know it.

and i finally did the four things meme!

mitzh said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed as well. Things will be better soon, believe me.

Mary G said...

SM put me onto your site. I will hold good thoughts for you. Please keep us posted!
Sending virtual hugs.

Family Adventure said...

Best of luck!


Chaotic Joy said...

This just makes me so angry that you have to go through this. I am praying for you and that you would find a new job quickly that is just perfect for your family.