Saturday, August 11, 2007

Playdates, cupcakes, and all that Kidstuff!

No, this is not a happy, grinning, smiley, the world of Mommyhood is just peachy post, so if you are expecting such sweetness to drip from my words, sorry to disappoint.
Today we made cupcakes AND had a playdate at our... apartment.
Notice the emphasis on the word apartment in the above sentence. Just picture it for a small fleeting moment--six kids running wildly through the tiny apartment, from room to room, climbing on things, throwing things, dumping things. Apparently my boys lost their minds for a brief, (punishment will ensue later) moment.
AND the Baby was screaming her head off and running around wildly through the ever-messy/cluttered apartment (as it seems to be these last dog days of summer vacation as I frantically search for new activities to entertain my children).
One thing Motherhood will afford you whether or not you seek it is multitasking and the ability to tune out even the most annoying of Kid-noises when the situation at hand requires it. That crazy Barney music toy? Nope I didn't hear it. It was going off for fifteen minutes? Oh, sorry, nope, did not notice. This particular talent can come in handy from time to time, I assure you.

After I cleaned the frosting from my hands, gathered everyone, and got them settled in their room, the boys--all 4 of them-- them went on a mission to thoroughly tear it apart , from top to bottom--all the kids together--a horrid, icky, sticky (from the cupcakes) mess.
I can't stand messes..especially the ones of a sticky variety all over bedcovers and TVs. Messes make me tremble inside.
I have been told by many that messes are a part of life, and they can be cleaned up. I KNOW. I STILL DON'T LIKE THEM, I say. Do I have to like messes just because I am a Mom? Like, is that a requirement? If so, I found a loophole I am proud to announce, because I hate messes and I am definitely a Mom four times over.

So, our day is ending, the room is nearly back to normal after an hour of cleaning. My sanity is hiding at the bottom of a Beer which I will 'seek and find' as soon as the kids aren't looking, or hopefully have passed out somewhere in front of a TV playing repeatedly a DVD with very annoying ,hypnotic kidsongs that have crooned them into the world of lullabyes one can only know as a child.

Edited to add: I did not get to the Beer , but the few pieces of Dove chocolate that I ate did the trick. I also want to clear up any misconceptions--I do not drink on a regular basis by any means, but hey, sometimes ya need a little "something", ya know?


slouching mom said...

Ahh, you are a kindred spirit. I'm not much for messes either. I don't mind things being untidy, but if you mix food (like frosting) with toys, or books, or TVs, or couches, or...or..., I FREAK.

I don't want ants.

painted maypole said...

yes, I can ignnore those annoying toys, too. Soooooo much better than "mommy, mommy, MOMMY, Mooooooommmmmmyyyyyy!!!!!"

My husband does not get this at all.

Enjoy that beer! We have all had those days ;)

Princess Banter said...

Don't worry, we won't tell anyone ;) I think that drinking does a good job lifting up spirits especially on sh*tty days... that, and retail therapy ;)

ME FIRST said...

Life is short, and we must go on using whatever vises we have.However I would make sure the kids were for sure asleep and thouraly enjoy the FULL effects of that beer!!!!!
Down time for mommy

ME FIRST said...

AFTERTHOUGHT M ay this also explain higher birth weights and a greater need for c-sections? Hmmmm
What next??????

thirtysomething said...

me first---what ?