Thursday, August 16, 2007

Superstore Madness

I hate the Superstore.

I concede that I do understand the concept behind the Superstore. Bigger. Faster. but...Better? In theory, it could work. But like many theories, the Superstore idea should have gone no further than the drawing board. Of course, in our BIG America, we are so driven (many people anyway) to be faster, better, bigger (obviously) and have everything as convenient as possible. Down to not even rotating our own lollipops IN OUR MOUTHS now because there is an apparatus (sold at said Superstore) that will do this task for you. Yes, I am quite serious.

I love the idea of shopping and getting all of my sh*t in one place WHEN I have all of my children chompin' at the bit. Then, and only then, does the Superstore possess the capability to be an asset. AND many, many variables can upset or compromise an otherwise workable situation.
For example, the self check which rarely performs its electronic checker-duty as it should, or the employee who can't WALK HER ASS(to fix afore-mentioned problem with self-check machine) over to my lane without talking to every person she meets and swinging her keys around, and the fact that often the items I need aren't even on the shelf anyways.
For the most part it is strictly on an enemy basis that the Superstore and I co-exist in this mad, frantic world. "I miss Mayberry, sitting on the porch drinking ice cold cherry Coke..." (that song is drifting across the airwaves right now and seemed appropriate for me to bring up). I seem to be quite nostalgic lately. Huh. And I did not grow up in Mayberry or even in that time era-but still.

Anyway, I find the Superstore to be something that will fade with time as we realize that convenience has a price and most of us aren't willing to sacrifice sanity to purchase our socks alongside our Soymilk. I have promised myself that I will not go back to dreaded Superstore for a LONG time-if ever. Apparently for the person in charge of the ordering at this store, coffee is hard to come by, as is Rasin Bran, Neutrogena Shampoo and Crest toothpaste. Seems to me these are staple items of ANY store, but ESPECIALLY the Superstore.

Seems paradoxical to me. Yes, the Superstore offers the idea that everything can be bought under one roof, yet the most basic of items are repeatedly unavailable.
Super Store?...I think not.


Beck said...

I like the Canadian version of the Superstore - Zellers. It's kind of grubby but it's smaller and more relaxed and I can still buy chips, paper towels and socks all in the same place.
Not booze though - can't buy that there in Canada!

painted maypole said...

i go because it is cheaper, I confess, but i am often frustrated, too. After Katrina I went ONCE, and swore off of it for literally 4 months because the crowds were so big, the stocking such a problem, and the place so understaffed i could not deal with it.

Aliki2006 said...

We try to avoid the Superstore for economic reasons. It just sucks our money right out of our wallets!

mitzh said...

Agree with aliki2006.

No matter how I seem to love it, sometimes I see it as blah!

Omaha Mama said...

I go to the superstore for diapers. Also used it for formula before my boy was 1. I also love cheap kids' clothes.

I get frustrated by the people who "work" in departments. When you ask them a question about where something is, they often look at you as if they can believe you would even ask. Helpful? Not so much.

I'm headed to the most dreaded super store, the bulk-buying super store, today. Time to stock up on Gatorade and fruit snacks.

I think you should do a follow-up post about where you do like to shop. Do tell!

kristi said...

Yeah, I only do 1 visit a month to our Super Wal Mart. I call it Hell Mart. But you can't beat the prices so I usually buy razor blades, snacks, etc...there.