Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So, I am at risk for losing everything or gaining everything.

Have you ever just wondered what 'Blind Faith' actually means? Or "Active Faith", for that matter...they are one in the same. OR what practicing either entails?
Let me demonstrate the difference between 'Biblical Faith' and what I am talking about, though. Biblical faith is, in my estimation, believing that there are separate places called heaven and hell, and that based on a point system of merits earned while living determines to which destination we are transported when the life in our physical body is over. I feel we can achieve our own personal Heaven and Hell right here while having this Human Expereince. In that lies crucial lessons and purpose. I do feel that the Bible is not to be taken literally, that it is entirely symbolic.
Back to the concept of Active/Blind Faith--Believing that something exists before or until you actually see, hear, feel, smell, or taste it? Because we are taught to verfiy existence with our 5 recognized senses from a very early age. To verify only after we have been presented with whatever we are longing for.
As tiny embryos, newly conceived, we are souls coming here on a journey. We know what our purpose is, how to accomplish it, and exactly how long we will be having this human experience. I feel that the 'oldest souls', the 'dearest souls' from time to time even finsh their journeys before birth, thereby releasing them from the obligation of taking on the World and they retreat into Blissful Infinity.I subscribe to the idea that we, as spirits, choose our parents and our birth orders as well as patterns according to the purpose we are coming to fulfill. Some of us here are 'old souls', some of us are 'new souls' with many trips still ahead (if you are curious, look at your child's palm or your own. An old soul will have many lines of wisdom, a new soul's palm is yet to be etched and will appear soft and smooth).
We come with many lessons to learn. Karma, at times, if you will, to be played out. The term 'Indigo Children' is emerging within the literature of the New Age/Enlightened population of society and the more I read about this, I am in agreement. It explains those children that are geniuses and on such a different cognizant, emotional, and social level than most of thier adult superiors.

Yeah, I know. Parts of what I am saying are hard to digest. Our Egos are combatting any invasion into the pefect world of control. Humans crave control. Basic survival nature that we have been taught. Humans need to obsessively plan what lies ahead. This is affirmed by all of the advertisements for retirement annuities, savings accounts, funeral packages, life insurance. We are ever living in either the past or the future.
THERE IS POWER IN THE NOW, if we can just push aside all of the damnations and reasonable objections.
Seize this day. Tomorrow will play out as it is already arranged, the past is gone. I am now walking hand-in-hand with these affirmations each moment of each day.
I am becoming aware of my thoughts, and surprised to realize how negative and judgemental many of them are. Random thoughts of this and that towards whomever or whatever, are not full of love and positive reinforcement, as they need to be in order to achieve peace in myself and consequently in the world I create for myself.
What Man sees in the imagery of his mind manifests itself on the physical plane eventually, thanks to the power of the subconscious mind. This can be either extremely rewarding or very detrimental depending on what 'noise' is repeating itself through your mind each moment, each day, year in and year out.

So, how do we explain tragedies such as the death of a child, or the natural disasters that occur? I haven't figured that out yet, may not figure it out with a reasoning mind anyway. Maybe there is no rational explanation because each is representative of collective thought patterns, thereby bringing about what was expected or planned for.
Ever find that you/we as a people sometimes focus so much on preventing something, that it actually happens? Often, then, we pat ourselves on the back and say to ourselves "see? I told you". Mighty stroke of the Ego. So much energy, life-force energy, was devoted to contemplating the what-if's, thinking, planning against whatever (illness, event, loss) that it was eventually realized and happened? FEAR=F.alse E.vidence A.ppearing R.eal.

Oftentimes we make the battle our own instead of handing it over to the Life Force/Higher Power that we possess in our subconscious/Superconscious mind and not entertaining any worry or thoughts to it at all. Detachment from what we want in fact, produces the desired result. Worrying sends energy to the negative side and we can obtain the opposite result.


slouching mom said...

This is what I like about you most, I think. You are always searching, always questioning, always thinking.

You choose to face hard questions head on.

There is nothing thornier, in my mind, than trying to explain why children die.

mitzh said...

Such an inspiring and thought provoking post...

Love it!

And before I forget I want to say thank you so much for taking the time visiting my blog, I am truly grateful and honored...

blooming desertpea said...

hello again - i see i've missed a lot of posts due to my moving and faulty internet connection :(

it's interesting to see that we're not alone with thoughts like yours - I've been there, too, thinking about old and new souls, asking the same questions ... and I absolutely and fully agree with your last paragraph - I came to the conclusion that things happen for a reason, even if we don't know it. detachment from what we want and handing the worry over to HIM can be freeing and give us peace. It's easier said than done - but it's worth it nontheless.

painted maypole said...

Well. I have to say I don't agree with much of this at all, but do appreciate reading a different point of view. I will speak only to the one thing that I really strongly disagree with. "Biblical Faith." I actually DO agree that the bible is not word for word true, that it is largely representational. However. I don't think that biblical truth has anything to do with "a point system of merits earned while living [that]determines to which destination we are transported when the life in our physical body is over" I think the bible is all about GRACE - and that it is through faith alone that we are saved. Nothing we do can earn us enough points. And Grace is all about Love. And that, for me, is the truth of the Bible. That Love and Grace will win the day.

RealAge22 said...

Ah yes, The Power of Now. Not surprisingly, I disagree with pretty much all of this. BUT, it is a very well constructed and developed argument. (I know, that was a back-handed complement if ever there was one..)

This will need to be discussed further over beers during your/my next visit..