Monday, June 25, 2007

Caution: Vent session straight ahead.

I am in the store with my children yesterday afternoon. You moms out there know how it is to try and actually shop for something in particular when the little angels are in tow. I was trying to find a certain type of sheet protector for the pages of my son's Kindergarten journal. I make scrapbooks and journals for like...well, everything, so since he just finished K I am now ready to assemble the journal, which consists of different writing assignments, artwork, special things, and pictures throughout his year.
Anyways, I am in the office supply aisle and of course the younger two are starting to pick at each other. They began to fight - and between a 1 year old and a 4 year old (girls), that is pretty much like pulling hair and screeching so loud the people in the outer edge of the parking lot could hear them. Embaressed, yet still determined, I am trying to just find what I need and calm them down ( I asked them to stop fighting please) when a lady walks up to me and says..."you know the older one is teasing the younger one, they are not fighting. There is a difference , you know". WTF?
I was flabbergasted and had no retort to grab from the recesses of my now-blown mind. OMG was I boiling inside. I looked at her and calmly asked her if she had children. To which she simply stomped off muttering something under her breath...I took that to emphatically mean no. Hmmph. Such a strong comment from a non-mother, and then couldn't even stand there to back it up.
We did find what we were there to purchase and I gathered my brood and we left the store, still reeling from this comment from little miss non-mommy who apparently thinks she has the most to offer. Let's just see how it is for her after she actually has children and can call herself a mom...who will be giving advice then?
Just saying...


slouching mom said...

People can be such asshats. Sigh.

niobe said...

I will never understand why strangers, especially non-parents feel so free to offer parenting advice.

You certainly came up with the perfect response. I doubt she'll be doing it again any time soon.

painted maypole said...

I give you points for speaking calmly. lots of points. And a gold star.