Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Moment of Silence...

Not a lot to say tonight except that I think we should all take a moment, in light of what has occurred to Jessie Davis, to glance around and be thankful for what we have in this moment. The deep, soul-wrenching pain that her family must feel at the loss of a daughter, and a granddaughter who had yet to even lay eyes on this world, or her mother's face. The tragedy of a little boy who will likely not even remember his mother except from pictures and stories, and the terrible scars now imprinted on his psyche at having witnessed such horrer. A benchmark for the lowest members of society, the outcasts, to strive toward, for there is nothing lower on the todem pole of criminality than he that murders his own flesh and blood and the mother of his children. The enigmatic, criminogenic mind leaves it's mark once again in gross atrocity.

All too often we become preoccupied with concentrating on what we do not have, what we wish we had, what we desire, when in one instant all that we truly love and care about can cease to exist and we may find ourselves clinging to the crumbs of the slice of cake we unabashedly assumed we could 'have and eat too'.

Be thankful. Be kind. Hug your children.


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