Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Watermelon shortcake smoothie

I was giving my girls a bath tonight and began wondering why most children's products are scented with fruit? Who comes up with this idea and why? Would he/she want to walk around smelling like a strawberry melon "blast" all day? What makes them think that parents are keen on this idea in the first place?
I checked out the soap that I use on my girls - ages 4 y.o. and 21 months, and it goes like this - strawberry smoothie, tropical blast, and fruit punch detangler spray. Combined it becomes an aroma of a open-air fruit market - without the open air relief. Why haven't I paid attention to this trend before now? Maybe I was too busy looking for the friendliest little creature face on the bottles - which of course, is still of the utmost importance, you know.
Tomorrow I will be going to Target, and see if I can locate a line of childrens items (besides Johnson's Lavender nighttime soap - which I love, but am very tired of) that are not scented like fruit combinations. Wish me a happy adventure, and if you have any tips, pass them on please! I want sweet-smelling kids, but not that sweet.

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niobe said...

I've definitely seen children's products that are not fruit-scented. For example, this one.

But I actually loooove the fruity smells myself.