Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Morning

It is Sunday morning. I observe the placid beauty that is the backdrop for my life. My coffee is fresh and hot, and especially satisfying. The mountains are lush with a new spring green (spring came twice for us this year). They look so soft my inner child yearns to jump on them like a soft, green blanket. This green is like no other green I have ever seen, it seems, but then again, I think that every year, don't I? The sky is blue and crisp, the air is still cool, but it promises to be a hot day. It is a day to lie flat on one's back, in a meadow overcome with wildflowers, and cloud-watch. The puffy white clouds are floating along like gigantic marshmallows and take hundreds of different shapes before they dissipate.The rain that has been falling for the last week has brightened everything and left it's aroma of sweet earth behind on this clear morning. My children surround me. I feel happy, truly happy . Today is a good day for an adventure.

I ask my four children what they would like to do on such a beautiful, promising day? "The Farmer's Market" they shout, almost in unison. Now, I must interject, at this point, that to take my children anywhere requires a carefully executed plan. It is four against one, you know. They each have their individual responsibilities to prepare for the trip. One packs the bag for the little one. The oldest unlocks all the car doors and prepares the inside of the car - making sure seatbelts are ready, booster seats are straight, trash is out, etc. My oldest daughter, who is four, gathers the necessary 'friends' such as baby dolls and books that accompany us wherever we go these days. The youngest, is told to go get her socks and shoes and it is her job to try and put them on before she asks me for help. Today, all runs smoothly and within twenty minutes we are on our way.

We arrive at the market, eager to sample the fresh produce and find just the right treat to take back home with us. Again, everyone has a responsibility. The boys, who are the older two, are responsible to either hold their sister's hand, or push the stroller - depending on who's turn it is for which responsibility. See what I mean about execution? It must be arranged ahead of time and followed precisely , or else everything falls apart very quickly (and loudly). We had a great time walking up and down, looking at all the homebaked goods, enjoying the enticing aromas beckoning us onward in search of the perfect pleasure. Finally, after taste-testing and scavenging we find what we decide is today's perfect pick - some blackberries as big and juicy as plums, peaches that were half a pound each, and for the little one - banana chips. Mmmmmm.

The trip back home is unusually silent as each enjoys the sweet taste of his or her sunday morning adventure.


niobe said...

This is such a beautifully vivid post. You really make the experience come alive.

painted maypole said...

very nice. I can taste the berries. and only image the chaos. it's hard enough to get out the door with one!

slouching mom said...

Sounds like the perfect morning. And well told, too!