Thursday, June 28, 2007

On a lighter note...I promise

Chinese astrology fascinates me. I find it interesting because of it's portrayal of everyday animals as the signs.
According to Chinese astrology my children are, from oldest to youngest, a Tiger, A Dragon, a Horse, and a Rooster. I have a book entitled Children of The Moon that offers insight into each lunar sign. It gives descriptions of the personality that the child will likely display according to the time of birth and the birth order.

My oldest child, a boy of nine, is indeed a Tiger. The personality description describes him as hyperactive and inquisitive; expressive with a natural curiosity. He is by nature a humanitarian and a very giving soul--the child bought $8(of his own money) worth of ice cream treats from the ice cream truck yesterday for his buddies and himself. He is a natural entertainer, impulsive and if left to his own devices tends to drift from one project to another. Unfortunately, my little ferocious beast is also a...p.r.o.c.r.a.s.t.i.n.a.t.o.r. This trait, my friends, he acquired from me.
Tomorrow, my little Dragon (a.k.a. Cheekie Boy), the organized sensible one. Perhaps I will even include a picture of the note he left for the tooth fairy with explicit instructions.