Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tag. I am it

Ok. I have been tagged by Painted Maypole for a meme--my first ever. Thanks Painted Maypole!

Eight things about me.

Here are the rules:

A. Each player lists eight facts/habits about themselves

B. The rules are posted at the beginning of the game before those facts/habits are listed.

C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Ok so here it goes!

1. I cannot physically start my day without a cup of coffee--more like a jug of coffee. Fresh and made one cup at a time. With a coffee basket, not a coffee maker. None of that thick, acidic concoction that could actually be used to make glue. Then I put it in a thermos/travel container and out the door I go.

2. I should have gotten into more trouble as a kid--for the simple reason that now I don't have any stories to tell my kids or reasons to attempt to convince them to do the right thing...hmmm. I am way too boring.

3. I am going to be a gestational carrier so I can help someone else have a family--well, that is if the clinic ever gets things moving.

4. My favorite animal is the elephant. I think it simultaneously represents strength and gentility .

5. I tend to fall asleep whenver I sit down in front of the TV--especially if it is actually something I want to see the conclusion.

6. On the same subject as TV--I absolutely love a totally predictable crime drama--Law & Order are my faves. I hate CSI Miami though.

7. I am just now graduating college--with my bachelor's, not my masters. Yep ten years late. But, better late than never and I couldn't have done it without my mother. Thanks Mom. I love you.

8. I was an exchange student in Rudolstadt Germany after I graduated high school. I went to stay with the family of the girl that stayed with my family for my senior year in high school. It was truly an amazing year in which I learned a new language, culture, and family. I fell in love with everything over there and deep in my heart I would love to pick my family up and move there. Oh, nostalgia is setting in. I am going to have to go pull out my photo books from my stay and reminisce!

I now tag:


guess you will have to forgive me. All the other blogs I keep up with have been tagged. Not bad for my first try, though. Look forward to the next one!


painted maypole said...

our first meme. ;) See, we are figuring out this blogging thing together, no? Thanks for playing along, and fun to learn more about you!

bubandpie said...

The tagging is the hardest part of this one - Beck got to me first, so I'm working on it (if I don't hurry, no one will be left to tag).

slouching mom said...

Coffee is a huge part of my life, too. And I'm fond of elephants as well.

I've already done this meme. My answers are here. But I thank you for thinking of me.

And congrats. on graduating! That's awesome!

Joy, of course said...

Oh! I just scrolled down your page and realized you tagged me for a meme while I was gone. How fun. I have never been tagged before. Is a gestational carrier what would be commonly known as a surrogate or is it something else? I too am planning on finally getting that bachelors done once the baby is in school and I will be even farther behind that you. So I say hurray!